BRI Launched In-Branch Bancassurance Sales

 Back  Jul 04, 2013

JAKARTA – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and PT Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera (BJS), BRI Pension Fund’s subsidiary have joined in Bancassurance business with the referral model said Muhamad Ali,  BRI Corporate Secretary. Ali said, Bancassurance Relationship Officer / BRO will be assigned in BRI Branch Offices to market insurance product to the bank’s customers, better known as In-Branch Sales Bancassurance .

This bancassurance business has three products to offer: Dana Sehat Sejahtera (DASETERA), Dana Purna Sejahtera (DANASTERA) and Dana Investasi Sejahtera (DAVESTERA). Each product has been specially design to fulfill the customer’s character, needs and profile. DASETERA is dedicated for the customers who need health insurance, DANASTERA is dedicated for customers who need their pensions, while for the need of investment and protection, customers can choose DAVESTERA.

From this In-Branch Sales Bancassurance, we expect that it will accelerate the fee based income growth. We have a target of Rp. 25 billion fee coming from this bancassurance in the first year, and we expect it will be grow to be more than Rp200 billion at the end of the third year.

In-Branch Sales Bancassurance will be implemented in all of BRI‘s branches which spread across Indonesia in stages. Initially, it will be launched in 6 regional offices (Jakarta 1, Jakarta 2, Jakarta 3, Bandung, Malang and Surabaya), with the total of 58 branches.

Now, health, life and pension insurance are available in BRI’s branch offices. By providing these comprehensive products and services, this has made BRI to be one stop financial services for its customers.