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AKHLAK: Consists of 6 Core Value & 18 Conducts

Amanah (Trustworthy)

“We uphold the trust that entrusted to us”


  • Fulfill promises and commitments
  • Take responsibility for tasks, decisions, and actions taken.
  • Adhere to moral and ethical values

Kompeten (Competent)

“We continuously learn and develop capabilities”


  • Improve personal competence to respond to evolving challenges
  • Help others to learn
  • Complete tasks with best results

Harmonis (Harmonious)

“We care about each other and respect differences”


  • Appreciate others regardless of their background
  • Help others
  • Build a convenient, professional work environment


“We are dedicated and uphold the interest of the nation and the Country”


  • Maintain the reputation of fellow employees, leaders, SOEs, and the Country
  • Willing to sacrifice for a greater goal
  • Follow the leaders as long as the instructions are not in contravention with the law and code of conduct

Adaptif (Adaptive)

“We continue to innovate and enthusiastic in the movement or addressing the changes”


  • Quick to adapt to improve performance
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement to keep up with technological changes
  • Proactive

Kolaboratif (Collaborative)

“We promote synergy in cooperation”


  • Provide room for others to contribute
  • Open to cooperations to generate added value
  • Mobilize the use of resources to achieve a common goal

BRILiaN Belief is a principle and philosophy observed by every employee

“BRILiaN employees always uphold integrity and professionalism in carrying out duties with mutual respect (Trust) to deliver innovative services based upon Customer Centric that provides added value for the customers, communities, and stakeholders”

BRILIAN WAYS: 8 main conducts to foster performance-driven behavior

BRILiaN is honest, sincere, and compliant with regulations

BRILiaN is competent and reliable, and a continuous learner for personal development and others

BRILiaN is committed to complete tasks responsibly and to deliver the best results

BRILiaN is committed to productive collaborations

BRILiaN is open and respects diversity

BRILiaN is proactive, adaptive, innovative, and is oriented towards sustainable growth

BRILiaN has the empathy to understand the needs of customers and provide services beyond expectation

BRILiaN cares for the society and the environment