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Legal References

BRI’s code of conduct is an important part of BRI’s GCG framework and provides ethical guidelines for BRI people in carrying out their duties, authorities, obligations and responsibilities. The policies governing the elements of BRI’s code of ethics and their implementation are stated in the Joint Decree of the BRI Board of Commissioners and Directors Number: 06-KOM/BRI/12/2013 and Nokep: S.65-DIR/DKP/12/2013 concerning the BRI Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct Key Points

BRI’s code of conduct has 9 (nine) elements, which are:

  1. Compliance with Law and Bank Policies
    The Bank’s commitment to comply with applicable laws and regulations to strengthen the Bank’s compliance culture.
  2. Relationships with Stakeholders
    1. Ethics to Customers
      The Bank’s commitment to providing excellent service to customers by prioritizing the principle of prudence.
    2. Ethics to Working Partners
      The Bank Commitment’s with Business Partners is based on legitimate and fair business practice and uphold professionalism by always prioritizing the interests of the company.
    3. Ethics to Competitor
      The Bank’s commitment to promote healthy competition in carrying out its business, by increasing competitor banks as a driver of increased performance.
    4. Ethics for Regulator
      The Bank’s commitment to fulfill the obligations and conditions set by the banking regulator and other authorized authorities.
    5. Ethics to Shareholders
      The Bank’s commitment in an effort to provide positive and optimal contributions to shareholders.
  3. Relation with Community and the Environment
    The Bank’s commitment to uphold the values of the local wisdom and providing benefits and supporting environmental preservation where the Bank performs its operations.
  4. Company Relations with Bank Employees
    1. The Bank’s commitment to providing equal opportunities to all employees to participate in achieving the Bank’s vision and mission.
    2. The Bank’s commitment to create a conducive work environment to increase productivity and ethics among co-workers.
  5. Bank Information Confidentiality
    The Bank’s commitment to protect all customer and internal Bank information from outside/unauthorized parties.
  6. Bank Bank Report Integrity and Accuracy
    The commitment of BRI personnel to submit Bank reports in a precise, accurate and accountable manner to management, shareholders and other interested parties.
  7. Conflict of Interest
    The commitment of BRI personnel to implement a policy of handling conflict of interest and not to place a conflict of interest between themselves and the Bank, Customers, and Third Parties that can harm the company.
  8. Political Contributions and Activities
    The commitment of BRI personnel not to contribute to political activities or other similar business-es.
  9. Prohibition of Receiving Gifts
    BRI personnel are not allowed to ask for and accept any gifts or rewards that are not in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance With The Code of Conduct

BRI has a code of ethics which is a basic value for the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and all employees in carrying out their duties and responsibilities professionally. The Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and all BRI employees always sign a statement of compliance with the code of ethics every year as a form of commitment to comply with the company’s code of ethics. The BRI Code of Ethics applies to all BRI personnel at all levels of the company’s organization. The implementation of BRI’s code of ethics is continuous and sustainable in the form of attitudes, actions, commitments and provisions that support the creation of a corporate culture.

Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and all BRI Personnel are required to know, understand, and implement the BRI’s Code of Conduct. All BRI’s personnel must submit in writing the Statement of Compliance with BRI’s Code of Conduct. The Statement of Compliance with the BRI Code of Ethics became a requirement for the continuity of the working relationship with the Company.

Code of Conduct Dissemination

BRI has communicated the code of ethics policy to all BRI personnel, including through:

  1. Company website.
  2. Landing Page on the BRISTARS application.
  3. Collective Labor Agreement between the Company’s Workers Union and the Company’s Management.
  4. Posters, videos and other advertising media at the Company’s offices.

Implementation and Enforcement of Corporate Code of Conduct

In the effort to enforce the code of conduct in the company, the Board of Commissioners, Directors and All BRI Employees are committed to running the Bank’s business by implementing ethics in the banking system. This commitment is manifested in:

  1. Statement of Compliance with BRI’s Code of Conduct
    All BRI personnel are required to know and understand well and state a “Statement of Compliance with the Code of Ethics” every year.
  2. Commitment of Management and All BRI Employees
    The commitment of the management and all employees not to receive and give gratuities in the form of money and/or goods related to their obligations or responsibilities which are published in the mass media and the Company’s website.
  3. Annual Disclosure Conflicts of Interest
    All BRI personnel are required to make an annual disclosure that does not have a conflict of interest every year, and all work units are required to submit transaction reports/ decisions that contain conflict of interest every month.
  4. Integrity Pact
    The signing of the integrity pact is carried out by the procurement committee, user work unit, vendor or partner in the entire procurement process for goods and services at BRI. In addition, every year the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners sign the GCG Statement as a form of commitment to carry out the principles of Good Corporate Governance, while all employees sign a commitment to antifraud and gratuity control at the Performance Improvement Forum which is held annually.
  5. Whistleblowing System
    All violations of BRI’s code of ethics are reported through the Whistleblowing System (WBS) mechanism. If based on the results of the investigation the violation of the code of ethics is proven, it will be subject to sanctions in accordance with BRI’s disciplinary violations.