BRI Won The Asset Triple A Country Awards 2013

 Back  Nov 21, 2013

HONG KONG – PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk was announced as “Best Domestic Bank” in Indonesia at The Asset Triple A Country Awards 2013 for the Southeast Asia Region, conducted by The Asset Magazine. 

Bank Rakyat Indonesia scored highest among Indonesia big banks participating in this year selection. The criteria used in determining the winner were mainly focused on the company’s business performance in both financial and non financial aspects, such as profitability, financial ratios, business strategies and initiatives.

Since its inception, BRI’s strategies have been mostly focused on the development of micro, small and medium business segments. In doing so, BRI takes into account its core competencies at all organization level. BRI’s microfinance business, which commercially started in 1984, has made the bank unique and differentiated it from competitors. The concept of community banking that BRI developed, by obtaining funds from the same community where the loan is disbursed, has contributed to the sustainability of BRI ’s micro banking system.

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