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Securing Strong and Sustainable Future Growth

Strengthening company’s long-term strategy through BRIVolution 2.0

Creating New Growth Engine

Accelerating CASA Growth

Enhancing Cross Sell to Boost Fee Income

Adapting Culture & Capabilities

Improving Customer Experience

More than 37,000 financial advisors

BRI has a vision to become “The Most Valuable Banking Group in Southeast Asia & Champion of Financial Inclusion” in 2025. BRI expects to grow in size and develop into a bigger and stronger company and to continue to maintain its business sustainability for years to come. Achieving to be the largest company by market capitalization and helping the government to achieve a national financial inclusion target of 90% by 2024 will become essential milestones for BRI to push forward and continue to create economic and social value for all company stakeholders.

In the middle of challenging conditions like today, BRI remains optimistic that we will be able to maintain strong and sustainable growth in the future as a “Securing Strong and Sustainable Future Growth” strategy has been in place with the support from: BRIVolution 2.0 as BRI’s long term strategy, focusing on 6Cs which are: Creating new growth engines, accelerating CASA growth, enhancing Cross-sell to boost fee income, Adapting Culture & Capabilities, Improving Customer experience, and Containing Credit cost.

BRIVolution 2.0 is BRI’s long term strategic plan for 2021 – 2025. The BRIVolution 2.0 is meant to continue the spirit of transformation under BRIVolution 1.0, which began in 2018 and has strengthened and sharpened several aspects of our business and operations. BRIVolution 2.0 will be delivered by initiatives from six business segments namely Micro Business, Consumer Business, SME Business, Wholesale Business, Treasury & Global Services and Subsidiary, and will be supported by four functions namely Human Capital, Risk, Distribution and Digital & IT.