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Solid Foundation for Low-cost Fund

Large Customer Base (and Growing)

Comprehensive CASA Products

Re-Inventing Business Model

Digital Ecosystem Platform

Close Loop Ecosystem

Subsidiaries Synergies

Culture & Capabilities

BRI has more than 144 million micro deposit customers in Indonesia that will continue to grow and has great potential as a source of low-cost fund growth. This includes utilizing the cross-selling potential of the ultra-micro ecosystem, absorbing excess liquidity outside the system, and continuously encouraging financial inclusion.

Strengthening the foundation for low-cost funds, several actions have been taken by BRI through innovations as follows:

  1. Providing comprehensive CASA products (Savings: Simpedes, Simpedes Bisa, Simpedes UMi, Britama Bisnis, Britama Valas, Britama Rencana, Britama Junio, Tabunganku; Current Account: Giro BRI).
  2. Improve customer experience by re-inventing the business process (such as BRILink, BRIMO & Digital Saving).
  3. Providing customized payment platform to capture new growth potential through BRI API.
  4. Capturing the liquidity potential based in commodity (, commodity & payment chain).
  5. Increasing share of wallet through BRI Group Synergy (joint acquisition/cross selling).
  6. CASA Focus KPIs and empowering customer’s digital savviness by extending RM’s role as Digital Advisors.