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Leading and Well-Positioned to Serve Micro Banking

Experienced Loan Officers

More than 27,000 Micro Loan Officers or Mantri that also act as financial advisors to the borrowers

Large Customer Base

  • More than 12.8 million borrowers
  • More than 120 million depositors

Extensive Micro Banking Networks

  • 5,238 BRI Units
  • 1,761 Teras BRI
  • 474,704 BRILink Agents

Digitized Business Process

  • BRISPOT Micro (Loan Underwriting App)
  • BRILink Mobile (App for Brilink Agents)

Community-based Business Model

From Locals to Locals: Micro banking employees are from local community, to build trust with local customers and support local development.

Micro Payment Ecosystem

  • Pasar ID (Payment ecosystem for traditional market merchants and buyers)
  • Stroberi (Integrated electronic transaction solutions for micro entrepreneurs)

Comprehensive Product Offerings


  • Kupedes: Collateralized Commercial Loans
  • Briguna Micro: Consumer Loans
  • KUR Micro & KUR Super Micro: Uncollateralized Govt’ Subsidized Loans
  • Kupedes Rakyat: Uncollateralized Commersial Loans


  • Simpedes & Time Deposit


  • Life and health insurance
  • General insurance

BRI has been in operation for over 125 years and it is the largest bank in Indonesia by assets, loans and deposits (calculated on a standalone basis) as of September 30th, 2021. BRI has more than 120 million deposit customers and 12.8 million micro and ultra micro borrowers located throughout Indonesia and consisting of all levels of society.

More than 27,000 micro loans officers who also act as financial advisors to micro borrowers spread across more than 6,900 BRI micro outlets are spearheading the delivery of BRI microfinance products, including loan products, such as Kupedes (collateralized commercial loans), Briguna Micro (consumer loans) and KUR Micro & KUR Super Micro (Uncollateralized Government Subsidized Loans), as well as micro deposit and insurance products. More than 470,000 branchless bank BRILink Agents are also the right hands of micro financial advisors in referring to BRI products and services. BRI has developed several digital initiatives to enable an effective and efficient delivery of BRI micro products and services. BRISPOT is one of our digital initiatives that has helped us shorten loan underwriting processes from previously around two weeks to less than two days. In response to the pandemic, BRI has also created several digital breakthroughs, such as the creation of Pasar ID applications (payment ecosystem for traditional markets, merchants and buyers) and Stroberi (integrated electronic transaction solutions for micro entrepreneurs).

BRI's positioning as a bank that focuses on serving Micro & Ultra Micro is an advantage for BRI compared to its peers. The Micro & Ultra Micro segment is a segment that provides high potential growth with less intense competition. However, BRI continues to innovate and transform so that services can be provided better and reach more customers, especially micro & ultra micro customers. BRI's penetration into the Ultra Micro segment is BRI's initiative to find new sources of growth for BRI's business in the future, moreover Ultra Micro segment acts as an embryo of Micro and SME Segments on UMi Ecosystem.