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Hybrid Bank Business Model

Combining Physical Presence and Digital Capabilities (Phygital) to Match Customer Journey

Digital Capabilities

Digitizing Core

Digitizing existing service and transaction (business process) to boost productivity & unleash the potential

Digital Ecosystem

Build ecosystem to offer products and services beyond core business to leverage new liquidity, new opportunities and new source of growth

New Digital Proposition

Create and launch an independent greenfield digital bank to tap the untapped segment and embedded in customer’s life

Physical Presence

Banking Network

  • More than 8,500 BRI Outlets
  • More than 250,000 E-Channels

Branchless Banking

More than 620,000 BRILink Agents

Experienced Financial Advisors

More than 37,000 financial advisors

We believe that BRI's banking business model as a Hybrid Bank surely can pass the challenges and capture the unique opportunities of the Indonesian market. Indonesia has a huge growth potential. However, Indonesia's geographical condition makes it challenging for the bank to reach and serve people who are spread all over the country. On the other hand, the transition of people's behavior these days to the digital economy also brings big transformation into life aspects including financial services. With the Hybrid Bank Business Model which combines digital capabilities and physical networks, strengthened by BRI’s experienced financial advisors, BRI surely can reach and give appropriate services along with knowledge of Indonesian people about digital journey.

BRI has more than 8,500 outlets, more than 620,000 branchless banking BRILink agents, and more than 250,000 e-channels spreading across Indonesia. BRI is also supported by more than 37,000 financial advisors who are ready to serve and empower customers, especially in the MSME segment. BRI also continuously improves its digital capabilities to match shifting customer preferences in an increasingly digital economy. To continue providing comprehensive products and services to customers, BRI has established a digital strategic framework which involves three pillars: “Digitizing the Core” (improve productivity and efficiency by creating reliable customer service through core business process reimagining), “Digital Ecosystem” (expand distribution channels and business models through digital platform) and “New Digital Proposition” (create a new business model by offering new digital products & services beyond core business, and enhance risk management excellence).