The Code of Conduct sets out the basic principles of personal and professional conduct expected of every Banker in carrying out his duties and the implementation of good corporate governance. The Company has had the code of ethics of BRI since 2001 and was performed in 2013 pursuant to the Joint Letter of the BOC and BOD of BRI Number: 06-KOM / BRI / 12/2013 and No: S.65-DIR / DKP / 12/2013 BRI Code of Conduct.

Implementation of the Code of Conduct aims to maintain a conducive working environment and maintain the reputation of the company and provide ethical guidelines for the Bank’s employees in performing their duties, authorities, obligations and responsibilities.

Commitment of Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct applies to all Bank employees throughout the Bank’s organization. The Code of Ethic is continuously implemented in the form of attitudes, actions, commitments and conditions to support the creation of corporate culture.

Key Points of Code of Conduct
The Company has nine (9) elements of the code of ethics of BRI namely:

  1. Compliance with Bank Law and Policy
    The Bank’s commitment is in compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations in order to strengthen the Bank’s compliance culture.
  2. Relations with Stakeholders
    1. Ethics to Customer
      The Bank’s commitment to provide excellent service to the Customer by prioritizing prudential principles.
    2. Ethics of Partners
      The Bank’s Commitment to Partners is based on legitimate and reasonable business practices and upholds professionalism by always giving priority to the company’s interests.
    3. Ethics against Competitors
      The Bank’s commitment puts a healthy competition in running its business, by increasing competitor Banks as a driver of performance improvement.
    4. Ethics of the Regulator
      The Bank’s commitments meet the obligations and conditions stipulated by the banking regulator and other authorized authorities.
    5. Ethics of Shareholders
      Bank commitment in an effort to give positive and optimal contribution to shareholders.
  3. Relations with the Society and the Environment
    The Bank’s commitment upholds local values (local wisdom) and provides benefits and supports the conservation of the environment in which the Bank operates.
  4. Company Relationship with Bank Employees
    1. The Bank’s commitment gives equal opportunity to all workers to participate in achieving the Bank’s vision and mission.
    2. The Bank’s commitment creates a conducive working environment to enhance productivity and worker ethics.
  5. Confidentiality of Bank Information
    The Bank’s commitment to protect all customer and internal Bank information from outside/ uninterested parties.
  6. Integrity and Accuracy of Bank Reporting
    Commitments BRI employees to deliver accurate and accountable Bank reports to management, shareholders and other interested parties.
  7. Conflict of Interest
    Commitments BRI employees to implement a policy on handling of conflict of interest and does not place under conditions / situations of conflict of interest between itself and Bank, Customer and Third Party that may harm the company.
  8. Political Contributions and Activities
    Commitments BRI employees to not contribute to political activities or other similar business.
  9. Prohibition to Receive Rewards
    BRI employees are not permitted to request and receive any gifts or remuneration that are not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Distribution of Code of Conduct
BRI socializes the GCG policies and code of conduct to BRI employees through education programs, workshop, In-House Training, onsite Development and Monitoring in BRI work units, learning or e-learning through BRI’s internal portal, and implementation of Performance Improvement Forum (FPK) in all BRI work units.

Compliance Statement with the Code of Conduct applies to the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, and All Employees
Under the enactment of BRI’s Code of Conduct policy, then

  1. All BRI Personnel is required to know, understand, and implement the BRI’s Code of Conduct.
  2. All Bank’s personnel must submit in writing the Statement of Compliance with BRI’s Code of Conduct. The BRI’s Statement of Compliance with Code of Conduct is signed, which is a condition in continuing the working relationship with the Bank.

Enforcement Effort of the Bank’s Code of Conduct
In the effort to uphold the Bank’s code of conduct, the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and All BRI Employees are committed to managing the Bank’s business by applying ethics in the banking system. The commitment is realized in:

  1. Code of Conduct applies to all BRI Employees throughout all level of organization. Continuous and sustainable implementation of the Code of Conduct in the form of attitudes, actions, commitments, and provisions that support the creation of the Bank’s culture.
  2. All BRI Personnel are required to submit in writing their compliance to the BRI’s Code of Conduct.
  3. Any violation of the Code of Conduct will be imposed to sanctions in accordance with the Bank’s prevailing regulations.
  4. Socialization of the Code of Conduct to BRI Employees.

Sanction of Violation of Code of Conduct
Violations of the BRI Code of Conduct will be imposed to sanctions in accordance with the Bank’s prevailing regulations. During 2017, there were 137 employees got the sanctions for the code violations. The sanctions for violating the code of conduct are in the form of administrative sanctions to 49 employees and Termination of Employment to 63 employees.

Total Violations of Code of Conduct in 2017
A total of 255 violations of Code of Conduct conducted by 137 employees during 2017.

BRI formulated new corporate Core Values used to establish work conduct and character in line with the company’s latest strategy. The corporate core values is called BRI with 5 (five) values or usually called BRILIAN that reflected in 10 attitude and conduct. Here are the elaboration of BRILIAN and its conduct:

  1. Integrity
    Intelectual, exemplary communication and conduct, upholding honour and abiding by regulations. The Integrity Value means:
    1. Transparent, Honest, Sincere; and
    2. Obeying the Rules.
  2. Professionalism
    Committed to work meticulously and accurately with excellent capabilities and responsibilities. The Profesionalism Value means:
    1. Continous Learner
    2. Fairness
  3. Trust
    Fostering assurance and trust between stakeholders and transparent based on reliability. The Trust Value means:
    1. Respectful
    2. Upholding the Company and the Nation’s Interest
  4. Innovation
    Taking advantage of capabilities and skills to find new solution and ideas to create products/policies in resolving issues. The Innovation Value means:
    1. Visionary
    2. Pioneer in Transformation
  5. Customer Centric
    Always placing customers as prominent mutually beneficial partners sustainably. The Customer Centric Value means:
    1. Providing services beyond customers expectation wholeheartedly
    2. Collaborative