Compliance with Law and the Bank's policies

  1. All BRI staff must comply with legal rules and rules stipulated in Bank BRI's policies.
  2. All BRI staff are not allowed to breach laws, rules or Bank BRI's policies for the sake of meeting profit targets.
  3. Criteria of an acceptable activity are not only seen according to activities of the competitor or other parties in the market. If a law or rule becomes irrelevant, or if competitors no longer comply with them, Bank BRI will keep prohibiting breaches of the law or rule.

Relationship with External Customers

  1. Bank BRI provides product and/or services in which the bank has the permission to sell those products and/or services in accordance with the prevailing regulations.
  2. BRI staff will give timely, adequate, clear and accurate information about products and/or services to customers.
  3. Bank BRI is committed to constantly develop prime service quality by always prioritizing customer satisfaction and building long and mutually beneficial relationships.
  4. Bank BRI upholds honesty in producing, using and selecting advertising and promotional methods, thus the success of the bank's products and/or services is due to their quality and Bank BRI's reputation, and not due to any internal fraud.

Relationship with local communities

  1. Bank BRI and all BRI staff are committed to being good residents in all of the environments where BRI runs its businesses.
  2. Bank BRI has the responsibility to the local communities for resources usage -in the form of money, human resources or energy- wisely.
  3. Bank BRI supports the Bank's staff involvement in community activities, with education, arts and culture, religion, humanities and the environmental conservation sector as their priority.

Relationship with the Bank's Staff

  1. All of Bank's staff must provide solutions for all challenges that would disrupt Bank BRI's efforts in carrying out its main policies.
  2. Bank BRI will treat each Staff in an objective, transparent, equal and just manner.
  3. Bank BRI will only manage the required personal information that is deemed as required.
  4. Bank BRI tries to provide an encouraging work environment to increase productivity.

Bank Confidentiality

  1. Bank BRI must maintain the community's trust.
  2. Bank staff must maintain bank's and company confidentiality.

Integrity and Accuracy of Bank's Bookkeeping

  1. Bank BRI's bookkeeping must produce an accurate, accountable report for the management, shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.
  2. The Bank's staff is responsible in officially recording Bank BRI's business activities in an accurate, honest, comprehensive and timely manner.

Conflicts of Interests

  1. The Bank's staffs are not allowed to position themselves in a position or situation that is likely to cause conflicts of interest between him or herself with Bank BRI or Bank BRI customers.
  2. All of the Bank's staffs decisions should be taken for Bank BRI's best interests.
  3. Each staff member must reveal to the management if he or she knows of an existing conflict of interest.
  4. Each staff member is requested to be absent from bank BRI's decision making if it will cause conflicts of interests.

Contributions and Political Activities
Bank BRI does not allow its fund, facilities or resources to be donated for political campaigns, political fundraising or any political participation targets in any parts of the world.


  1. The gifts referred here is in a broad sense, includes money, goods, discounts, commissions, interest-free loans, travel tickets, accommodations, luxury trips, medication and other facilities accepted in the country of overseas and accepted using electronic facilities or without electronic facilities.
  2. BRI staffs are not allowed to accept or give gifts that are not in accordance with prevailing legal regulations.